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About us


The DROP Group of companies is focused on delivering innovative high-quality products and services.The combination of our teams expertise, ability to problem solve and innovate; supported by a fully integrated and advanced manufacturing facility allows us to design, develop and manufacture 100% of our products in house controlling all aspects to ensure the best product available. 

Each of our divisions has a unique value to our clients and industry, whether it's the speed of part delivery, industrial sprocket development, new component design & construction, service or refurbishment of a vessel or general manufacturing of a large run part or prototype.

Today DROP Group consists of six unique entities and boasts one of the most sophisticated and nimble manufacturing facilities totalling 35,000 sq ft on over 10 acres of property in British Columbia, Canada.

One of the most recent developments in the Drop Group is the internal fast freight Air Service ensuring our products can get to work if required right away.

DROP Sprockets


DROP Sprockets is a high-quality quick turn sprocket manufacturer which offers the most comprehensive sprocket line in the industry. We pride on having the best support, engineering and manufacturing team with decades of industrial experience and support dating back to the 1950's.


Our manufacturing facility boasts some of the most advanced equipment in North America featuring cutting-edge machining and fabrication equipment, with over 1.5 million pounds of raw and semi finished materials to support the demand of the finished product. 

We control our products from the start to the finish delivery which enables us to produce the highest quality, fastest delivery and longest lasting sprockets on the market. Every sprocket is standard for us!


Stranded Cable Ferry

Drop Marine

DROP Manufacturing 


DROP Manufacturing is a full-service industrial component manufacturer; this is where our products and support begin from the manufacturing front.


Our manufacturing facility is one of the most sophisticated and nimble facilities featuring cutting-edge machining and fabrication equipment with over 1.5 million pounds of raw materials to support the demand of any finished product.

We offer same day manufacturing capability and 24/7 manufacturing capacity if required along with our own in-house fast freight air service ensuring quick manufacturing and delivery for rush situations.

DROP Marine


DROP Marine meets the modern needs of the marine vessel industry as they transition to modern technologies with a focus on making them more consistent, cost-effective, safer and more environmentally friendly.


With four decades experience in the manufacturing and marine industry, our team has all bases covered; from vessel construction, component development, refurbishment and installation to general maintenance. Our multidisciplinary team is ready to meet the most challenging projects.

A marine company with a fully integrated in house manufacturing facility to support it!

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Drop Manufacturing

DROP Creative

There are no limits at DROP Creative.

There's nothing we love more than using our creativity and imagination at work. The team in engineering and manufacturing utilize our resources including our manufacturing floor as a playground with an assortment of manufacturing equipment and expertise to support the creation. 


From artifacts, urban furniture, signage, lighting, spas, pools, fireplaces and unique gifts. Our multidisciplinary team has the vision, talent & know-how to craft the most unique, sophisticated and memorable pieces. 


Challenge us with an ambitious project today!

DROP Creative
Drop Design

DROP Designs

With decades of industrial design engineering, along with a thorough understanding of the manufacturing process, our fully integrated engineering teams have the necessary experience and know-how to deliver an impeccable product in a free risk manner and within the set budget and timing. Engineering for the finished products purpose with a key element of understanding how to effectively manufacture it is key.


We pride on having one of the most innovative and professional teams of design engineers in the industry, which can successfully meet the highest standards and expectations in the market.




We attribute our success to our people, their commitment, and the work culture. Our team is made up of experts across multiple disciplines, who bring in different and unique perspectives, abundant creativity and innovation. DROP strives to create and encourage a hard-working yet fun-loving environment, that truly values the contributions of each member. 

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