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KidSport BC and DROP Sprockets Team Up to Empower Girls in Sports

We wanted to look into what KidSport BC meant to us as the charity of choice at DROP Sprockets. So, we asked our very own Sherri Malpass to give us some insight.

And we couldn’t have gotten a better answer:

“Upon the birth of our second child, a daughter, we decided that we would do our best to raise this little girl into a strong, confident, dissenting and take-no-shit kinda human. In retrospect, this may not have been the easiest parenting path. In fact, during one of her U11 hockey games, she told her fellow teammate on the bench to **** off because he was ‘slagging her D-mate’.

Mission Accomplished?”

We think so!

So, why KidSport?

Recognizing the challenges that girls and women still face today is half the battle, but fostering confident and resilient women starts at a young age. This a value that runs deep with DROP and KidSport as well as MAKR Group - our contributing partner for the donation!

Let's continue to support the sports that help girls grow up to be incredible leaders, just like the ones at DROP Sprockets. 💪


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